Bing and Facebook – A big deal

19 Oct

The announcement of the closer Bing/Facebook cooperation made me pretty happy, as it is time for some new features in search! This also made me check out again, which I haven´t done for a couple of months (living in Sweden and coming from Germany Google is just almighty here).

I like the different “share” functions under some search results, it is pretty convenient directly out from the SERP:

But back to the new cooperation. No doubt Facebook´s internal search still sucks big time, but so far I haven´t found any statements from Facebook about innovations on that side.

Anyway – what´s the big deal? And what does it mean for marketing? In general, is going to present much more content from Facebook and it will especially present what your friends like or commented. So, for everybody and every company who wants to be seen and wants to get traffic from bing better make sure to be widely present in Facebook.

Let´s look at the new features in order to explain:

1) Anybody working with search knows how important people search is. People you knew years ago, politicians, business people, artists, you name it.

You can perform a Facebook Profile Search directly from Bing. When you search for people on Bing, you´ll find the people closest to you based on your social connections on Facebook, and not just any “John Smith”. Of course, it is convenient that one can send a FB friend request directly from your search result.

Bing Facebook integration

Facebook profile search through Bing´s search

2) Let´s look at the next feature, which is more interesting in terms of marketing. Bing shows some of the search results based on stuff one´s Facebook friends have liked or shared. This is important, because people tend to trust their friends more than anything else. So when searching for a weekend trip, do you think people will click on links from all the more or less similar travel sites or are they going to click on a link which their friend´s have liked or share? Exactly.

This will surely give a big push to Facebook connect and the Open graph as well.

Bing shows some screenshots  of how this is going to look in the near future, FB related search result after a search for “Iron Man 2”:

Facebook Bing cooperation

Facebook Bing cooperation, Show FB content in the SERP


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