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Can digital marketing change the world? Teddy Goff´s keynote at IBM Smarter Business in Stockholm

31 Oct

Maybe, and it has already proven that it played a major role in deciding who rules the most powerful country in the world.

At the IBM Smarter Business Conference 2013 in Stockholm, the word “IT” or “Software” were never mentioned. This conference is about smarter business and that means:  going digital, being truly client focused and be social.

IBM has released all the speeches and break out sessions in IBM Sweden Youtube channel and while a lot of them are well worth your time, you don´t want to miss Tedd Goff´s Keynote.

Obama_chatting on Reddit

Obama chatting on Reddit

Teddy Goff (Twitter account) was the digital director at both Obama presidential campaigns. He is sharing interesting insights in US political campaigns and how the marketing team around Obama was re-thinking the way voters should be treated and influenced.

For the ones who believe in the power of web analytics and testing, you will hear some great examples within email marketing. Or the president´s pretty brave use of the social network Reddit. And of course, statistics for the power and phenomenal reach of Facebook.

Go ahead, it is fun and inspirational!

Teddy Goff Keynote IBM Smarter Business conference 2013

Teddy Goff Keynote at IBM Smarter Business Conference 2013, Stockholm

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