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Bye Bye Facebook offers and Facebook questions

13 Jun

You might have heard the news: Facebook announced that they are going to streamline their ad product portfolio. These changes will be done in the beginning of July 2013. For everybody having to do with Facebook ads these are good news, as it will be easier to explain and manage the different advertising formats. For instance, you´ll probably agree that most marketers and even a lot of people responsible for a company´s Facebook presence don´t know what Sponsored Stories are.

So Facebook is doing something smart: Switch focus from the ad products towards the advertiser´s business goals. Instead of trying to explain different ad products over and over again, like the sponsored stories – get rid of them and/or integrate them in all ad products. For the Sponsored Stories, they will simply be integrated in all ad products, as Facebook knows that social context in ads does work well.

New Facebook Ad look

Two Facebook product changes deserve some more attention:

Facebook is closing down the Question feature and the Online Offers. Closing down the Question features doesn´t come as a big surprise, as it hasn´t been available for private profiles for a couple of months.

But when I first heard about the cancellation of the Facebook Offer product I got really confused. Reading again, I realized it is just the ONLINE Offer ad which goes away. Facebook explains that Facebook pages are anyway mostly using Page Post Links in order to promote a discount which people can claim online.

The Facebook Offer ad which allows Facebook Pages to create offers with discounts or product samples to be claimed in an offline store will still be available! For now at least.

The Online Facebook Offer will be no more:

Facebook Online Offer ad

This Facebook Offer Page Post stays:

Facebook Offer Page Post

Facebook Offer Page Post


Added 13th of June:

As reported by Facebook is also cancelling the ad product Facebook Sponsored Results in the beginning of July 2013.


FB Ad management now with lifetime budget

5 Oct

For the ones with display background: When managing banner campaigns people are pretty used to work with lifetime campaign budget, which means you can define a campaign time with the wish to evenly spread budget. FB is now optimizing that a certain budget will be spent in defined time period. I guess it will help FB selling more inventory to media agencies.

Recent Changes regarding Facebook Ads

5 Oct

To work with Facebook campaigns is fascinating. I was never working with a product before with a constant change of product features.

Most of my clients at work neither. So a couple of days ago I was just explaining the the “like-thumb” in a Facebook ad means. How it is different when linking to an external site compared to a internal FB page or application and that the whole thing is a bit inconsistent. While I was on the phone explaining – the thumb was gone!

  • The “like thumb” is no more on ads that link to an external URL (this was confirmed from Facebook employee and seems to be permanent). It still exists in ads that are promoting a page within FB – in this case the “like” actually means you are becoming a fan of this page.
  • Next big chance is something I appreciate a lot: In Ads which link to an external site, FB shows the URL just under the headline. This was something Sponsored links in search engines always had, so this was an important step towards more and instant transparency. By doing so, the ad has a gotten one more line of text and shows the brand´s URL on a prominent position.
  • Facebook is now also showing one ad below the fold. It was nice to give all advertisers above the fold, but why not below?
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