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Reach vs Engagement in social media

19 Jul

These days there is a lot of discussion around fan engagement on Facebook pages, how to increase engagement and how to measure engagement.

From a viral perspective, some kind of engagement is needed; for example a comment, a share, a like or a post. When people engage, social media platforms create stories which are then visible to these people´s friends. That´s where it is getting viral and what defines it as “earned media”. More engagement even helps a post to get more visibility in people´s news feeds when they become part of the  “Top Stories”.

Now we all know that people are lazy and rather consume than create, in other words rather read news than writing them or engaging with it. I have just read that as a rule of thumb, only 1 % of all users create new content, 9 % modify existing content, and 90 percent consume existing content. (Source: McKinsey, “Turning Buzz into Gold”). If that is true for all all groups, then isn´t engagement over-rated and partly artificial, in forcing people to engage instead of simply presenting them inspiring or interesting content?  I am wondering if the increased amount of Facebook posts, which are primarily created to get shares and likes, really delivers interesting content for all the passive readers?

On the other hand, a study provided by Tomorrow Focus media in Germany says that almost 67% of people who follow a company read its posts and 30% share experiences they have had with that company on the companies page (I guess with companies page it means company´s Facebook page; but it is anyway a general number for all social media, not only Facebook).

to be continued


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