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Facebook rules in Sweden 2011

16 Nov

Swedish “World Internet Institute” launched the Swedish Internet Statistics for 2011 (Svenskarna och Internet 2011). Some interesting facts from the study:

  • 52% of all Swedes are on Facebook or 63% of the Swedish internet population. In the words of the study: “Facebook is the most popular (..social network), everybody is there.”
  • An amazing 96% of the young people between 16-25 years are on social networks
  • All internet activities were increasing besides instant messaging, which went down to 25% internet users
  • According to the study 42% of all females are visiting Facebook daily in comparison to 33% of male. Facebook´s own statistics state that 70% of the Swedish Facebook users are visiting Facebook daily.

Statistic social media in Sweden

social media statistics sweden
  • Only 7% of the Swedish population is using Twitter.
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